If you are reading this is article, I assume you have already seen the 5th season premiere of Breaking Bad at some point this week. So instead of rehashing (pun intended) the subtle meaning behind the “52″ on the breakfast plate, lets discuss some Season 5 theories.

Breaking Bad – Flash-forwards are never good.

Season 5 began ominously as Walt appears to have finally made the deal with Saul to disappear. Even though there were no real spoilers, one thing was clear, things are going to take a serious turn for Walt, as heavy artillery is required.

Right now there could be several potential victims for Walt’s wrath

  1. The remainder of the Gus syndicate
  2. The Mexican Cartel
  3. Hank.

Of the three, I think that Hank is the least likely to be involved in the gun plot line, unless there is a dramatic shift in the next few episodes, as I just cannot see Walt killing Hank. He’s done some bad, bad things, but Hank is family and I think/hope Walt still has a line there he won’t cross.

After Gus poisoned the entire hierarchy of the Mexican cartel, you would think that they would be happy with Walt for doing them a favor, although they may want to control the production of blue – which could end in violently. But, what I think is most likely is some connection to Gus from beyond the grave. One of the unsolved mysteries is Gus, and based on what little information has been given, it would appear that Gus was something important in Chile, as Don Eladio was not willing to kill him years ago. There also have been mentions of an ominous super conglomerate that has been tacitly connected to Gus over the last few seasons. Of course, there is always the chance that ultimately it will be an unknown force that opposes Walt, but we can only work with what information we have.

Unintended consequences

This is a  theme that has consistently repeated itself throughout Breaking Bad. In the season  premiere, Walt and Jesse are seemingly successful in damaging the computer. But as the police go through the evidence a bank routing number is revealed behind a picture of Gus and his former partner. Based on previous story arcs, it would be a good guess to believe that the routing number will somehow be connected to Walt’s future predicament, but more on that later. Why is the routing number important? Because unlike US bank account, a Cayman bank account can be anonymous. If the account is tied to Gus, it could possibly be used to track down all of the off book payments made by Gus, leading the DEA to Walt, Jesse, Mike, etc. So ultimately the magnet move, which seemed to get our heroes of the hook, could be what leads to the end. If the DEA begins to close in, perhaps Walt will be targeted by one of his partners out of fear that he will talk.

Role Reversals

Just as we began to be accustomed with Skyler wearing the pants in the White household, a series of events leads to Walt back on top and ”forgiving” her. Up until the IRS issue, Skyler had been the even-keeled Ying to Walt’s ever more unpredictable Yang. It is possible that her loss of power and control in the relationship will lead to an increase in Walt’s self-destructive behavior.

Hank is on top again. Whether Walt meant to or not, his egomaniac drunk rant is the reason that Hank got out of bed and kept on Gus. It has been awhile, but I have a feeling that Hank is coming back with a vengeance and getting a little more swagger with each episode. Emboldened by his recent success, I believe Hank will be given more men and resources to try and track down the people who supported Gus. It could be possible that Walt will need to intervene on behalf of Hank.

So what do you think we will see moving forward in Breaking Bad? How am I wrong?

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