Remember summer? That season flew by! The first weekend of NFL football finished last night with a Monday Night Football double-header, the trees are changing, the air is getting crisper, and the ads for new TV shows have been placed in full circulation. So, what are some Fall 2012 TV shows that I’ll be watching? There’s plenty! Here is the Fall 2012 TV that I’ll be enjoying and possibly writing about – with mostly returning shows and a couple of new shows.

As a reference guide, check out Entertainment Weekly’s Complete Chart of Fall 2012 TV Premiere Dates.

Fall 2012 TV – Shows I Already Like

Sons of Anarchy
(FX – Tuesdays 9/11) Sons of Anarchy is simply delicious in it’s own, original way. Though it clearly is nowhere near as good as it was in its first season, I still love me some good SOA. It’s violent and incredibly well-acted. Sure, last season was kind of completely washed away with a bullshit extra episode to pretty much explain away much of what we’d seen the entire season, I can easily admit that. Danny Trejo actually being an undercover CIA operative was just plain stupid. However, Jax still wants out of the Club, and Clay’s still got to pay for trying to kill Tara, so this season should be pretty awesome as Jax transitions to President. AND HOLY CRAP IT STARTS TONIGHT! Spoiler Alert: Clay has an oxygen tank.

Boardwalk Empire
(HBO – Sundays 9/16) I am still reeling over last season’s Boardwalk Empire finale. I thought about it for, well, a long time. Something had to give, but I never thought it’d be Jimmy Darmody being killed off by Nucky, who practically raised him. Up until his demise, I kept thinking they’d find a way to let the two alphas co-exist. Jimmy’s death was almost as shocking as Billy Costigan, Jr. being popped in the face at the end of The Departed. HBO’s best drama will have a lot of screen-time to fill without the brilliant Michael Pitt on the show anymore, but in Boardwalk Empire I trust.

Parks and Recreation
(NBC – Thursdays 9/20) Leslie Knope won! Knope 2012! She’s officially on the Pawnee City Counsel. And thank goodness for that, because I was really, really sick and tired of the Leslie election storyline. There were too many unfunny moments on Parks and Recreation last year, all involving the election. This season should be interesting as Ben is apparently moving to Washington DC to pursue his career. Even in a sub-par Parks & Rec season, there was plenty of hilarity. The cast is just littered with comedy gold, thanks to Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Rob Lowe (my wife has an unhealthy obsession with Chris Traeger), and Adam Scott. A bad episode of Parks & Rec is better than most other TV options.

How I Met Your Mother
(CBS – Mondays 9/24) I’m really, really sick of this show. They keep trying to make Barney serious, when he shouldn’t be serious. Cut the Barney/Robin bullshit already! I can’t be the only one stuck in the “OMG LET’S GET TO THE MOTHER ALREADY” conundrum surrounding How I Met Your Mother. We’ve seen everything we can with these characters, and now the jokes are just being repeated, but I’ll be damned if I stop watching until they finally reveal Ted’s spouse. I have no standards and no shame, and I’ll be there for the reveal.

Modern Family
(ABC – Wednesdays 9/26) Some foolish bastards claim this show is losing it’s luster, but I LOL every single time I tune in to this mindless entertainment. Personally, I think the Modern Family cast is second only to Parks & Rec in terms of depth and hilarity. Phil just cracks me up, and the rest of the cast has a such great dynamic that has grown with our familiarity with the characters’ personalities. There’s no on-going storyline we’re looking forward to in the coming season, just expect tons of laughs as Lilly gets older, Haley goes to college, and the rest of the family continues to develop. One request: less Gloria (Sofia Vergara). Modern Family went overboard with her last year, presumably because she’s a very hot commodity right now, but the Gloria payoff only works in very small doses – too much and she’s just annoying as hell.

(Showtime – Sundays 9/30) This show is fucking awesome. I had a feeling I’d like it, because it was brought to me by the same fine folks who made 24, but this show honestly surpassed my highest expectations. Homeland works because its two main leads, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, are unbelievably good. The twists and turns involved with Brody’s character last season were almost exhausting – we never really knew if he was a good guy or a bad guy or a bad guy who wanted to be good. However, Carrie’s development, from driven CIA officer to complete nutjob was so flawlessly performed that she somehow managed to steal the show. Television writers are great in their ability to make me believe something completely implausible, such as how this story can work for a second season, but with these actors in tow, I’d be completely nuts myself to even consider skipping season 2.

(Showtime – Sundays 9/30)
I was so so close to dropping Dex like it’s hot. For two straight seasons, I struggled to maintain interest in is rapidly declining program. Do you know why? Because the show got really, really bad. Season 5 completely destroyed any momentum the show gained with it’s exceptional John Lithgow Trinity Killer storyline the year before by introducing a boring, unrelatable Julia Stiles character that I absolutely abhored. Then, last season Dexter went all religious on us and wasted another season on Tom Hanks’ kid. Of course, the writers must have known the trash they were presenting was pushing away viewers, because they ended the season with the long-expected, highly-anticipated cliffhanger of Deb watching Dexter kill someone. Now we HAVE to watch the next season to see how she reacts! This is a show that was truly fantastic in its first four seasons and has completely derailed. Hopefully, they can right the ship and get the Deb/Dexter story right for season 7. Oh, and for the love of all that is holy, completely drop the notion that Deb might be in love with Dex. Please and thank you.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
(FX – Thursdays 10/11) The first three seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia were some of the funniest television I had ever seen. However, instead of consistently receiving a full season’s worth of brilliance, it seems that we viewers have been extremely limited with regards to enjoying truly hilarious, original episodes. The one when The Gang Goes to Jersey Shore last year was memorable, but there’s no Serpico/cop car genius these days, sadly. Honestly, that is one of my favorite episodes of any television series ever… and that’s saying a lot! The problem now with Sunny is that every character is loud and boisterous, instead of just Charlie being loud and boisterous. During the initial three seasons, Charlie was a nutcase, Mac was the annoying, self-conscious guy, Dennis was the brilliant planner, Dee was always trying to land a guy and impress everyone, and Frank was the cash cow who was above them all while funding their shenanigans. Now Frank is a degenerate and the rest of “the Gang” just yells a lot. It doesn’t work anymore. All that being said, I’m tuning in, because every now and then you get an amazing episode like The D.E.N.N.I.S. System.

The League
(FX – Thursdays 10/11) I was so late to the game on this show, it’s ridiculous. My main point with this show, when viewing the very first episodes three years ago, was if a show about dudes in a fantasy football league didn’t have me laughing out loud for the entire thirty minutes, then it must suck. So I abandoned it. Then I randomly signed up, yet again, for Netflix and got hooked. The show took off around episode three, and now it just might be the funniest show currently on television. The League is completely nuts and barely about fantasy football, and it’s way better than Sunny. I will prioritize The League on Thursday nights this fall.

The Walking Dead
(AMC – Sundays 10/14) The Walking Dead is a guilty pleasure for me. If you haven’t ever enjoyed Video Gum’s post-episode recaps, they are fucking great. The show is pretty ridiculous and poorly-written a lot of the time, but apparently the prison issues of The Walking Dead comic book were the best. That’s where we’re headed. Shane is dead, thank Christ, so no more of his crazy Rick-hating, Lori-loving anger will distract us from heads exploding and body parts separating. Apparently, The Governor and Michonne (we got a glimpse of her at the end of last season) are, like, really fucking big deals. Listen, this show can be terrible, with lots of arguments and eight straight episodes of searching for Sophia. I get that. The show is still awesome and the blood, guts, and drama make up for any shortcomings the writers have realized while they port the story from comic to television.

Fall 2012 TV – New Shows I’ll Try Out

The Mindy Project
(Fox – Tuesdays 9/25) Mindy Kaling is absolutely hilarious, and this show will likely be hilarious as well. Leave it to NBC to somehow let this show go to another network. The Mindy Project stars Kaling as an Ob/Gyn trying to mix her personal and professional life, and already boasts a complement of NBC regulars with cameos, such as Bill Hader and Ed Helms. There’s really no chance that I won’t like this show, and kudos to Fox for somehow pulling her away from NBC.

Ben and Kate
(Fox- Tuesdays 9/25) I’ve seen enough previews of this show to decide it could probably certainly be an ok half-hour show. I’ll watch the first couple of episodes of Ben and Kate and try to get my wife into it, and I can already see what will happen. She’ll have her Kindle Fire on, not get into it, and bam, I’ll have dropped it. SO I guess I’m saying that I’ll try it out and drop it unless it is absolutely hilarious. This is kind of how I handle all Will Arnett TV shows, so I’m surprised he’s not in it.

Sadly, that’s it for the new stuff. Have you looked at the new trash coming to TV? The Fall 2012 TV schedule does not boast much promise with regards to new shows. You can see a list of new shows for fall here, but come on… I’d rather shoot myself in the knee cap than watch Matthew Perry in Go On; I’ve seen enough previews via the London Summer Olympics and Sunday Night Football to know I want to avoid that show. Last Resort? No. Elementary? Do I look like I am 60 years old? Revolution? That show looks TERRIBLE! (and predicts a 2012 Cubs’ World Series win, which is completely unrealistic) There’s just not a lot to draw me in to these new shows.

What shows do you plan to watch, and what are you looking forward to seeing return? Let us know in comments!

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