Breaking Bad Season 5, Part 1 (AMC, 9pm CT) begins tonight. If you don’t know that, then you need to be slapped in the face, and then you need to queue up Netflix and power-watch seasons 1-4. Right now. Go. Don’t bother reading the rest of this as it’d just spoil everything.

I’m trying to think of what show’s “final season” I’ve been as excited for the past few years. Lost certainly comes to mind, but I don’t think I was as stoked as I am for tonight; I certainly didn’t care about those characters nearly as much as I do about Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. These two fine chaps have been through some intense situations over the course of the first four seasons. Here are five awesome Breaking Bad Moments to get you pumped for Season 5:

Walt surprises Tuco with mercury instead of meth.
Tuco thought he had old Heizenberg wrapped around his finger. He’d screwed Walt over something fierce, stolen his cash, and had Jesse Pinkman beat the hell up – and now Walt was bringing him even MORE METH. “You got that wrong,” says Walt. “This isn’t meth.”  Jaws drop. The mercury is slammed to the ground and the windows of Tuco’s lair blow up like gangbusters. Heizenberg is here to stay, folks.

Dissolving dead bodies with acid: The Rookie Years
Looking for these clips, I was taken aback at how weird it is to see Walt with hair on his head.  In this, just the second episode of the series, our heroes have to dispose of a body. So they do what any ragtag scientist /drug-dealer team does and melt the body in hydrofluoric acid.

Breaking Bad Bathtub Scene

This was one of the first of many, many “holy shit” Breaking Bad moments. The acid does its job… and then some. It also melts through the 2nd floor bathtub. And the ceiling. What follows is a gooey mix of blood, guts, tub, floor, and whatnot crashing through the 2nd floor in front of Walt and Jesse. Disgusting. Awesome. Breaking Bad.

Gus and his balls of steel poison Don Eliado and the cartel.
At this point, we are led to believe that Jesse, for lack of a better word, has been sold to cook for the cartel for the rest of his probably short life. Gus seems to have lost control, which is something we aren’t exactly used to seeing at this point of the series. As fans know, Gus has a very real reason to abhor Don Eliado – he killed his bestie.  However, this pseudo-business deal has completed, and Gus reveals a present he brought, which is a nice bottle of liquor. The boys tip them back as boys are want to do, and the party starts. And then the dying starts. Gus managed to get away and regurgitate some of the poison, while the cartel and Don Eliado all die by the pool. “Salud”.

Jesse shoots Gale, and we are left kinda sad because Gale was a nice guy!
This was actually a Season 3 cliffhanger, and boy-oh-boy was it incredible. Walt has realized that the gig is up, as he has taught Gale everything he knows about the methin’ business. Like an injured cat, Walt springs into action – instructing Jesse to get to Gale’s shitty apartment and kill him. Now, Jesse is no killer, but as this show primarily deals with the idea of breaking bad, Jesse is pushed to the limit. The screen goes black as he lowers the gun toward Gale’s heart. Nooooooo WHAT HAPPENED!?!?! We find out after a painfully long wait for the start of Season 4 that Jesse did in fact do the deed. C’est la vie.

Gus gets blown to smithereens.
This was a long time coming. Walt had conjured up quite a few plots to oust Gus over the course of multiple seasons, and we finally get our payoff from the unlikely Tio Salamanca. His only form of communication is angry Tio face and jingling his bell, but the latter works fine for a bomb that Walt rigged to Tio’s wheelchair. Tio gets his revenge on Gus, and Walt gets rid of the man whose power continually threatens his life. Now, we all get to find out what comes next with Breaking Bad Season 5 only a few short hours away!

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